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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Opening 7 - Hajimatteiku Takamatteiku by Sambomaster!
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The life of the shinobi is beginning to change. Boruto Uzumaki, son of Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki, has enrolled in the Ninja Academy to learn the ways of the ninja. Now, as a series of mysterious events unfolds, Boruto’s story is about to begin!
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  • En WAN
    En WAN

    keep repeat it for many times 🤘🏼😭🤘🏼

  • Anime Lyf Gamer
    Anime Lyf Gamer

    From <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="59">0:59</a> it there in manga???...i mean the background it's destroyed

  • team 7
    team 7

    Keren mantap lagunya sekarang boruto mirip Naruto kecil yang dulu entar ada orang jahatnya organisasi kara seperti akatsuki

  • Mitochondria Cell
    Mitochondria Cell

    SPOILERS We finally get to see Naruto and Sasuke getting finessed

  • わくわくさんコロ助


  • 虎太郎少年団


  • Azzahra #5
    Azzahra #5

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="56">0:56</a> i know this opening is about serious time but i cant stop laughing at chocho run style😂😂

  • Ibrahim Permana
    Ibrahim Permana

    🔥🔥Boruto & Kawaki VS Jigen 🔥🔥

  • Teodorico Sungahid
    Teodorico Sungahid

    Naruto's biguu dama= destroys mountains Boruto's rasengan= destroys 1/5 of the world

  • Kean CHARLES
    Kean CHARLES

    Kawaki who who??

    • Mmmm Hmmm
      Mmmm Hmmm

      The Guy With a Difficult Fate

  • Andi Fatur F.M Azis
    Andi Fatur F.M Azis

    Reminds me of sambomaster something opening

  • Галымжан Кансултан
    Галымжан Кансултан

    Hello Momoshiki and Ishiki

  • Aris

    Boruto is a character that most people still don't understand why he was created, but Boruto is what everyone imagined Naruto would be without Kurama, with a family and an OP father, a doujutsu and that unexplored potential he never tapped into childhood. That is boruto, everything Naruto wasn't

    • Greg Arcibal
      Greg Arcibal


  • CeasPlayz YT9067
    CeasPlayz YT9067

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="56">0:56</a> Lwiay Lwiay suro that is it

  • ratatoskr Jpn
    ratatoskr Jpn

    Tada tada ae lo kentud

  • Cris Arcega
    Cris Arcega




  • JoRh DeLe
    JoRh DeLe



      Not really. Their goal is not world peace. And they are alot stronger than the Akatsuki.

  • A I
    A I

    Njir udh 1 bln lebih ga liat nih opening wkwkwk

  • Jeremy Darma
    Jeremy Darma


  • Мағжан Нұрболатұлы
    Мағжан Нұрболатұлы

    Finally, it's normally intro without stupud music

  • Nayli Shamsul
    Nayli Shamsul

    i’m actually excited for this, but i still can’t accept that sasuke doesn’t have a son to carry the uchiha name 😔

    • Crack toon
      Crack toon

      Actually if the father of her child dies she can keep an pass the Uchiha name

    • Nayli Shamsul
      Nayli Shamsul

      The Asian Boy can’t you chill? i’m only stating my opinion and i’m not even trying to spread any hates

    • Tareq

      yeah only sons carry their family names

    • The Asian Boy
      The Asian Boy

      Do you think that only son has right to bear the clan's name? If so then you are backward-minded. Plus this is an anime which is partially different with real world. It's up to Mr.Kishimoto


      Well, he has a daughter, and she's a very skilled Uchiha. What's wrong with that?

  • Nicole

    I love the running part

  • Sean Halperin
    Sean Halperin

    when he said dam I felt that

  • ian corton
    ian corton

    Can I ask you Master Manga Readers? did naruto die in the manga or no? I'm fine getting spoiled. KEKW


      Not dead. But who knows, maybe he will in the future.

    • Mmmm Hmmm
      Mmmm Hmmm

      No. He's not dead

    • Apa aja
      Apa aja

      Hes not dead Yet....

  • Finding Me
    Finding Me

    You got excited with this op and then they stop releasing episodes🙂

    • Finding Me
      Finding Me

      @Mmmm Hmmm yeah I hope so

    • Mmmm Hmmm
      Mmmm Hmmm

      I hope to resume the anime in June

  • Geremae Valdez
    Geremae Valdez

    The opening was literally lit. I really don't know why I like the thought of boruto and kawaki leaving konoha, then returning with a whole new level. Then, eventually fighting each other and destroying the whole village.

    • Jake Styles
      Jake Styles

      Geremae Valdez kinda foreshadows Boruto going rogue.

  • シベリアチャンネル


  • Kent Guevarra
    Kent Guevarra

    Is it only me? Its the same theme as the naruto op when sasuke betrayed the hidden leaf?

    • Rudra Goswami
      Rudra Goswami

      It's by the same band

  • Feebeesy

    We have seen sambomaster come back i would like to see "does" come back for a opening

  • James PH - Roblox
    James PH - Roblox

    who cant wait for the fifth great ninja war? xd

  • Corpseater

    These kids have SO MUCH potential. I really want to see them in action. PLEASEEE STOP WITH THE FILLERS!!!!

    • Mmmm Hmmm
      Mmmm Hmmm

      After the quarantine will make an anime adaptation of the manga.

    • Rudra Goswami
      Rudra Goswami

      Just wait for episode 157

  • TheReal F77
    TheReal F77

    If Naruto OP 5 6 7 were mashed up together

  • /hm hamu
    /hm hamu

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="83">1:23</a>

  • Ripirius Gaming
    Ripirius Gaming

    Guys arguing about anime canon or not. FUN FACT There are seperate writers for Boruto who are writing CANON and then Manga has different writers. Both are going their own seperate ways and will only have few major parts as COMMON. But rest all will be different in Anime and Manga. So both are cannon in a way.

    • Crack toon
      Crack toon

      The manga and anime aren't different continuities

  • kadek mintoni
    kadek mintoni

    It s it e music epic

  • The Asian Boy
    The Asian Boy

    Spoiler Alert Jigen was actually a monk who unfortunately caught off guard by a dying Isshiki Otsutsuki. Isshiki was attacked by Kaguya who accompanied him to Earth a loooong time ago. Then he entered Jigen's body via his ear, lived in his brain and absorbed his nutrients while controlling Jigen. And I still don't know how Jigen survived two Infinite Tsukuyomi (first by Kaguya to stop humans fighting each other, and second a thousand year later by Madara)

    • Harith MuzaffarNa
      Harith MuzaffarNa


  • riri white
    riri white


    • Mmmm Hmmm
      Mmmm Hmmm


  • Gabriel Gallardo
    Gabriel Gallardo

    People who read the manga is going crazy right now

    • Flash point
      Flash point

      Now studio pirrot don't draw anime, I'm sorry, I'm uzbek and I've problems with English

    • Affan Arsyad
      Affan Arsyad

      Chap 46 🔥🔥

  • Jubel Christoffel
    Jubel Christoffel

    I hate how we waited almost 3 Years for this Arc.

    • Crack toon
      Crack toon

      Actually only 1 and a half years

    • Mmmm Hmmm
      Mmmm Hmmm

      But we have 46 chapter :)

  • lilspoon

    ZZZZzzzzz... I continue to sleep

    • Mmmm Hmmm
      Mmmm Hmmm

      46 chapter of Boruto is 🔥🔥🔥

  • Pranav Chillara
    Pranav Chillara

    Delta vs Naruto Naruto and Sasuke vs Isshiki or Jigen Boro vs Team 7 and Momoshiki And now Kashin Koji vs Isshiki or Jigen

  • Seed 30fps
    Seed 30fps


  • Samir Khairati
    Samir Khairati

    This is just like Naruto OP 5

    • Mmmm Hmmm
      Mmmm Hmmm


  • Elvin Rivaldy
    Elvin Rivaldy

    Why not copyright?

    • Danial Hakim
      Danial Hakim

      Elvin Rivaldy because vizmedia is working with tvtokyo

  • Elvin Rivaldy
    Elvin Rivaldy

    of all Boruto's openings this is the best

  • farel ardiansyah
    farel ardiansyah

    For boruto haters: Da da da dada da da 😛😛

  • Amir Azril
    Amir Azril

    Yang ni opening trbaik dlm boruto sapa stuju


      Lonely go - Brian the sun is the best

  • Muhamad Razin
    Muhamad Razin

    Finally kawaki appear in this opening...anyone 25 years old still watching anime boruto after naruto :-)

  • Man tle
    Man tle

    Episode 157 was the kara arc but suspended because covid-19

    • Mmmm Hmmm
      Mmmm Hmmm

      So sad :( but i wait 46 chapter

  • Faiaz Utsho
    Faiaz Utsho

    😔.... Finally 😌....THE TIME HAS COME

  • Abdullah Lone
    Abdullah Lone

    Lol Amado is also fighting alongside boro...he is holding a knife😂😂😂


    "You pathetic vermin can't even imagine what i can do, you lowlifes are no match for me.." - BORUTO? Ohh..what he said it was?? Oh right ... rasengan(in a calm majestic way) - BORUTO?

  • alibaba kun
    alibaba kun

    everybody hearing dan me hearing zan

  • Klyde Agdeppa?
    Klyde Agdeppa?

    So this arc is gonna be pain arc

  • Dustin Nathan
    Dustin Nathan

    dare ni mo akerarenai tobira wo akero to iwareteiru demo kagi wa sagasanai ze jibun dake no yarikata wo sagashite kokoro no kusari wo tokihanatsu no wo osorete wa ikenai yo doramachikku na monogatari wo koechimau kurai no dekigoto ga kimi wo matteiru no sa uso janai yo kyou dake wa daremo kimi ni oitsuke ya shinai no sa kimi wo tomerare ya shinai no sa mirai wa itsumo mieteru hazu igai na toko de deaeru hazu ai ga hashiridasu hajimatte iku takamatte iku mirai wa kimi wo mitsumeru hazu saki wa koko de deaeru hazu aizu no beru ga naru masa ni ima boku wo yondeirun da yo

  • Nafim Khan
    Nafim Khan

    the song just doesnt go with the opening scenes



  • abid danial
    abid danial

    We can see that boruto's rasengan can destroyed a country size area

    • Mmmm Hmmm
      Mmmm Hmmm

      I'm shoked

  • STYLE• Fnsall
    STYLE• Fnsall

    Yg dislike Itu Pasti Fans Nya Naruto Yg Kuno

    • wing zero
      wing zero

      Ok gen Z

  • M Hidayatullah maulana
    M Hidayatullah maulana

    Kawaki sendiri <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="21">0:21</a>

  • wing zero
    wing zero

    Sambomaster in naruto >>>> sambomaster in boruto. IMHO, this song was weak compared to naruto opening 5

    • wing zero
      wing zero

      @Mmmm Hmmm talk about the music, not the visual. Kay?

    • Mmmm Hmmm
      Mmmm Hmmm

      But visual is better

  • It's Cookie Gamer
    It's Cookie Gamer

    This is the best of all 7

  • かいりん


  • ChellaLalachu

    I just noticed! It's been 1 month!! Sarada have 2 tomoi sharingan

  • Not Always Mature Guy
    Not Always Mature Guy

    Boruto:Starts getting interesting Covid 19: Hey Hey (insert Hayasaka meme face)

    • Future Warrior
      Future Warrior

      *insert fillers

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki

    Lets curse out xi jinping and donald trump cause boruto is considered trash for most likely two years Thats why pandemics should not be political

  • SethPlayz

    and that how kawaki vs boruto was created lol

  • Naruto Boruto CH
    Naruto Boruto CH

    Gan yang mau nonton boruto no skip bisa mampir ke channel baru ini, bakal upload Boruto, naruto, Naruto Shippuden

  • XeN_ devil
    XeN_ devil

    Me- finally something interesting is about to happen in boruto. 6 and a half hours later " Boruto ep 155 is delayed indefinitely due to covid 19"

    • XeN_ devil
      XeN_ devil

      @Mmmm Hmmm manga can be made at home but animation stuff is too difficult to do at homr

    • XeN_ devil
      XeN_ devil

      @Mmmm Hmmm I don't know I read it in an article

    • Mmmm Hmmm
      Mmmm Hmmm

      But on 20 of June we see 46 chapter

  • VeganBacon

    This opening: *_comes out_* Manga readers: *_Our time has come._*

    • cathsean padilla
      cathsean padilla


    • Neko San
      Neko San

      Fillers Episodes : *You shall not pass!*

    • BroDog90four


  • Kundyz Zhakypbekova
    Kundyz Zhakypbekova

    Crows in opening, Itachi???

  • Tareq

    BORUTO マンガブック11はここに私をもたらしました

  • hadrien de lamberterie
    hadrien de lamberterie

    For everyone who didnt notice yet, this op is inspired by a lot of naruto opening. And btw : Boruto

    • Dariel artisting
      Dariel artisting

      Oh no, a narutard

    • Ym Uchiha
      Ym Uchiha

      @Danial Hakim he's just seeking for attention

    • Danial Hakim
      Danial Hakim

      dude why you even here if you hate boruto so much?

    • Mmmm Hmmm
      Mmmm Hmmm

      Naruto op is bad. Boruto openings has better visual. It's just references for olds.

    • Tareq

      @hadrien de lamberterie NO Its not about bring back my sasuke story

  • Locxes

    Delta: *Exists* Rule 34 Artists: *_It's free real estate_*

    • Locxes

      @Mmmm Hmmm ooof

    • Mmmm Hmmm
      Mmmm Hmmm


  • Subhradip Pramanik
    Subhradip Pramanik

    Has anyone noticed the purple rasengan

  • VeganBacon

    Manga readers: *_Our time has come._*

  • VeganBacon

    Manga readers: *_My time has come._*

  • The Randomist
    The Randomist

    Who is that <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="77">1:17</a> ?

    • samuel

      @The Randomist its kawaki because the manga also have light blue shirt on him


      @The Randomist it's kawaki. Toneri isn't that short. Toneri has white hair and pale skin. Kawaki has black hair with blonde sideburns and fair skin. Plus Toneri wears white overalls while Kawaki wears a blue sleeveless jacket with dark pants and sandals

    • माेहत्रा

      @The Randomist nah

    • The Randomist
      The Randomist

      @samuel that doesn't look anything like kwaki , it kinda looks like toneri

    • samuel


  • Nguyễn Hoàng Phúc
    Nguyễn Hoàng Phúc

    Người VN 🇻🇳 Like nhẹ cái 👍

  • Daming Bmw
    Daming Bmw


  • Bloxy Gamer
    Bloxy Gamer

    The main boruto production said that this is based of like the old naruto opening

    • Bloxy Gamer
      Bloxy Gamer

      @Mmmm Hmmm here

    • Bloxy Gamer
      Bloxy Gamer

      @Mmmm Hmmm lemme find it for ya

    • Mmmm Hmmm
      Mmmm Hmmm

      @Bloxy Gamer i found a group, but where exactly do they say that 7 Boruto opening is based on Naruto's opening?

    • Bloxy Gamer
      Bloxy Gamer

      Just search in boruto the first one is the official

    • Mmmm Hmmm
      Mmmm Hmmm

      @Bloxy Gamer link