Lee Min-ho, Kim Go-eun, Woo Do-hwan, Jung Eun-chae, and Kim Kyung-nam play Jenga [ENG SUB]
The Swoon
Time to see who’s the true king of Jenga as THE KING: ETERNAL MONARCH stars Lee Min-ho, Kim Go-eun, Woo Do-hwan, Jung Eun-chae, and Kim Kyung-nam give their all for the game. They have their eyes peeled for special Jenga blocks in this upgraded version with new rules, and no one is escaping the missions-bring on the aegyo, TMI, and royal declarations!
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  • The Swoon
    The Swoon

    Take a sneak peek at @theswoonnetflix: instagram.com/p/CAZMxFqgrot/

    • Anggaraf 254
      Anggaraf 254

      The swoon, are you sure won’t giving us another content of Lee Minho and Kim Go Eun? Couch talk, compliment me, pong mission or else? It’s eps 12 already of TKEM.. why why why whyy???

    • Angel Emy
      Angel Emy

      All so cute so awesome 💘💘💝💝💖💖💙💙💚💛🧡💗💗💓💓💞💕💜💜❤♥♥♥♥♥🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🥰🥰🤗😎😎😍😍😇😇😇

    • Gavin Lim
      Gavin Lim


    • Mår


    • Shelly Ahlawat
      Shelly Ahlawat

      can u pls give us kim go eun and lee min ho only interview.. thats what we all r waiting for

  • Mus Beanie
    Mus Beanie

    Hope they will appear on variety show like Runningman or anything soon to promote this drama. Would really love it ❤️

  • Như Lê
    Như Lê

    Woo do hwan cute😍

  • rosi pertiwi
    rosi pertiwi

    Love.. Love.... Love

  • Sara Park
    Sara Park

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="145">2:25</a> 강신재 젠가 쓰러지는거 잡아주려는 순발력 왜 이렇게 스윗하냥🙈❤

  • Domi Naomi
    Domi Naomi


  • 웰치스

    Wow. I happened to know it while searching, and I watched it, and it's so much fun that I can watch it until the end. I strongly recommend it. 젠가 영상에 이렇게 행복을 느낄줄은 몰랐어요.!

  • im good
    im good

    The king is really boring. Like the cast, just the story like. Is it coz of Netflix. Coz the kingdom is also boring.

  • Elita Triyolanda
    Elita Triyolanda

    so it will be sad ending?pm ko said that sad love story 😭

  • 이유진

    한국어 찾아유~~

  • Terry Jean Docallos
    Terry Jean Docallos

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="638">10:38</a> Kim Go Eun and Lee Min Ho convo. (Bags were handed for the winners.) KGE: There’s none for you? LMH: No. And wait there’s more: Am I correct that she called him Oppa?? 😍

  • Avocadolalo original
    Avocadolalo original

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="226">3:46</a> is she just give us a spoiler that the drama will be sad ending and not happy ending?

  • LR

    The people who "dislike" this drama talk about it as much as we the viewers do. I don't get them either. Anyway, to fellow viewers who are whacking their brains to connect the dots, I'm with you! I'm enjoying this drama so much. The cast and their chemistry are as amazing as the cinematography! Thank you, Netflix for making it available globally=)

  • Maiyah Yazeed
    Maiyah Yazeed

    Just like two world W drama (Jongsuk and Hyojoo) it's quite complicated storyline to understand but the actor and actress made it fun to watch. I love this drama

  • Safina Ima
    Safina Ima


  • DSJO B
    DSJO B

    Don't worry Do-hwan we noticed you and your performance in 'The King' is great too.

  • Zezy abdelkader
    Zezy abdelkader

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="585">9:45</a> He's so cute 🥺🥺💓!

  • Miftahul Farida Rusdan
    Miftahul Farida Rusdan

    Why she said TKEM is sad love story??? OMG

  • TitaNinang28

    idsofts.info/hd/video/XraqdHhpg9Tel68 korean looking cute kid watch til the end does he remind you of a famous comrade?

  • Suriiah Official!
    Suriiah Official!

    Pas jatuh excited semua😍😍😍

  • Buddy Barry
    Buddy Barry

    The guy that not fall in love with KGE. I think is something wrong with them. because I am a girl and I am really in love with her. haha and if I am a guy I wouldn't let her go away she such a lovely girl and neutral! Not easy to find the person like her in the real world!!!

  • Aida Xander
    Aida Xander

    Do hwan, your inner eun seop is showing 😌

  • Oriahi Benita
    Oriahi Benita

    Lee min ho 😭❤️

  • Elisa Setyawati
    Elisa Setyawati

    Woo do hwan is so cute I canttttttt

  • calloutmyname


  • Anggaraf 254
    Anggaraf 254

    The swoon please give us another video of LMH amd KGE.. couch talk, compliment me, pong mission or else.. it’s already eps 12 of TKEM.. pleaseeee we need more video of them.. please please please please

  • Kaycee Alexandria Viola
    Kaycee Alexandria Viola

    Sad love story??? 😭😭😭

  • Halimat Shobajo
    Halimat Shobajo

    FACT: *No other kdrama cast visuals can top this*


    She said "the king: a sad love story in a parallel world" omo maybe a clue??? huhu

  • Halimat Shobajo
    Halimat Shobajo

    I seriously can’t wait to see their other games aaaaa

  • Man C
    Man C

    Why I don’t find this drama on netflix france ??

  • Kloweeepie


  • Rosh Lepz
    Rosh Lepz

    Guys faces are weird after surgeries with botoxes. Lol

  • SummerIsLove

    Seeing Lee Min Ho having so much,,, My heart is bounceuuu ❣️❣️❣️

  • Gilang Z Patriawan
    Gilang Z Patriawan

    Pasti didieu aya si riri

  • Rianne Ashley
    Rianne Ashley

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="371">6:11</a>

  • Rianne Ashley
    Rianne Ashley

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="360">6:00</a> cute

  • Osihavis Melian
    Osihavis Melian

    Seriusan trending? 🤭🤭

  • Leena


  • p4o Sio
    p4o Sio

    pakyu ka Aiai!

  • sandrine

    Woo Do Hwan boyfriend materiel right there !!!! 😍😍🔥

  • silvia safitri
    silvia safitri

    TKEM top 👍👍👍

  • Fatimah Amira Nabil's Activities
    Fatimah Amira Nabil's Activities

    Buat naik dong trendingnya, komen yang banyak terus like komen komennya :)


    No matter haters say lee min ho fans love you kim go eun great chemistry ♥️♥️👸🤴.

  • World Aquarium Singapore
    World Aquarium Singapore

    all super stars are here so cool :D "D

  • rosi pertiwi
    rosi pertiwi

    Gak mau pisah sama drama ini, bakal kangen banget 😭😭😭❤❤❤

  • Team Lea Elui
    Team Lea Elui

    please let Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun play "showering each other with compliments"?

  • Nicole Tan
    Nicole Tan

    Kim Go-Eun at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="139">2:19</a>. 😍😍😍😍😍

  • JK Swag
    JK Swag

    Eun Chae: Sad love story Me : *SAD* *dramatic music in the background*

  • Ava Cenizal
    Ava Cenizal

    omg I didn't know Jung Eun-chae spoke English! her korean sounds so sophisticated in the drama and I really wondered if she knew another language.

  • riska sandy
    riska sandy

    Minus lee jung jin

  • Irna Prmst
    Irna Prmst

    Love them 💕

  • melati rahmi aziza
    melati rahmi aziza

    "The King is a sad love story in parallel worlds". Is she give us spoiler about how is the ending? 😱😱😱

  • Rahmsky

    25 may 2020, <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a> pm this video still trending #34 in Indonesia. Daebak !!

    • Fatimah Amira Nabil's Activities
      Fatimah Amira Nabil's Activities

      15:10 trend 33.. Naik turun trend nya :)

  • koreanCFtv

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="273">4:33</a> *Min ho shrugged his collar* cause he is nervous about his turn coming soon 😹 😹 😹

  • May Bella
    May Bella

    Love them so much

  • Ahmad Rifaldi
    Ahmad Rifaldi

    PM Koo visualllll

  • Shin Sae-Rok
    Shin Sae-Rok

    I can't help but notice their oversized wardrobe.

  • Rym Benmoussa
    Rym Benmoussa

    Woo dohwan’s smiiiile !!!!!!! omg best smile ever . I love hiiiiim

  • valar morghulis
    valar morghulis

    Where can I get myself a lee min ho ?

  • Atul muaz
    Atul muaz


  • J Midgley
    J Midgley

    I don't see any chemistry between LMH & KGE...I know most people are looking to see it but to me they just look like good friends...remember they are spending a fair bit of time together on set. Just my opinion Xx

  • Mymy20 Luli
    Mymy20 Luli

    Love you guys

  • miz fitry
    miz fitry

    Korean hate the drama so international fans enjoy this so damn much

  • • 드라마 처돌이
    • 드라마 처돌이

    그래서 이민호씨 쉬는 날 뭐 한다구요 ?? ㅎㅎ

  • Czarina Alexandra
    Czarina Alexandra

    Eyyy Woo Dohwan could really be a visual in an idol group!

  • Cut Alyssa
    Cut Alyssa


  • Rabina Anisya
    Rabina Anisya

    Wow! Trending in Indonesia ❤

  • • 드라마 처돌이
    • 드라마 처돌이

    이제 우도환 배우가 이민호 배우한테 형님이라고 하네요 ..?? ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

  • I.C.

    I love how at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="144">2:24</a> Kim Kyung-nam and Kim Go-eun try to catch the blocks while Woo Do-hwan runs away with Lee Min-ho cheering at the back 😂

  • christa bel
    christa bel

    Bro wee do hwan is so attractive

  • peepsie

    can someone tell me, is this drama has a happy or sad ending?? 😭

  • Ale V
    Ale V

    I’m sorry but Jung Eun Chae is so beautiful!!! She is evil in the drama but I still ship her with the king 👑

  • Yuumyuum .K
    Yuumyuum .K


  • Engineer ing
    Engineer ing

    Kim Go Eun receives too much hate from bashers. I don't get it. All I know is she was a good actress by herself. Lee Min Ho is the one who's lucky with her. Remember, you are the luckiest girl bb. You are the one and only goblin's bride. ❤️

  • 김나경


  • Carolina Huiscaleo
    Carolina Huiscaleo

    Por que nunca en español.. 😡😡

  • rosi pertiwi
    rosi pertiwi

    Love this drama so much...

  • 으니으니으니

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="322">5:22</a> 폐하..괜찮으십니까? 제가 잡겠습니다

  • 유은월

    도환 오빠 나 지금 오빠 애교 때문에 행복해요ㅠㅠㅠ 오빠 얼굴 너무 짜릿해 최고야ㅠㅠㅠ