Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video]
Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

  • Rose Kelly
    Rose Kelly

    Damn Megan you don't age at all. LOVE THIS VIDEO \M/

  • Emre Güzel
    Emre Güzel

    after killshot he stopped rappin i guess

  • Niceguy Jjjj
    Niceguy Jjjj

    Ohh she is hooooot

  • Marcel.30 30
    Marcel.30 30

    Ahh Blink oneeighty...wait a second 0.0 Great Throwback!


    дебелизм, как такое можно слушать

  • Nars

    *turns 15 and changes my MySpace song*

  • Nick Roy
    Nick Roy

    Much respect, MGK can do anything. Rap, sing. This is great 👍🏼

  • Bruno Albano
    Bruno Albano

    the blink 182 is different

  • Josh boes
    Josh boes

    Trash dude wtf

  • Ali Elmaky
    Ali Elmaky

    Machine gun Belly

  • Russian Worldstar
    Russian Worldstar

    Ребят, сделали реакцию на этот клип на канале, зацените по-братски:)

  • Thomas Vega
    Thomas Vega

    ☝️🕐- Looked like alot of fun to do...♡

  • Angelica Joy
    Angelica Joy

    Can we have a moment of silence for Mr. Travis Barker on drums.. (especially at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="150">2:30</a> seconds). 🙏🙏

  • benjamin feenstra
    benjamin feenstra

    This is really good to be honest!

  • nemesis man
    nemesis man

    If Diet Mountain dew was a music video.. This was god awful

  • Jtheused

    Megan fricking Fox 🤤🤭

  • tredstone

    Came for Megan and stayed for the fox 😁

  • tubester78

    thought this mf was a rapper. well, this sucks i only clicked 'cause of Megan

  • The Wrathful Hermit
    The Wrathful Hermit

    W t f thought he was a rapper

  • John Wright
    John Wright

    Eminem put him to shame so bad he switched music genres

  • Nicole Morris
    Nicole Morris

    megan and mgk sheesh

  • Azeshan Yuri content
    Azeshan Yuri content this girl is amazing to 🤷‍♀️she deserves more recognition

  • Lara Ysabel
    Lara Ysabel

    petition for mgk to make more songs like this !!

  • Mad Kidda
    Mad Kidda

    Us boys only clicked because of Megan let’s admit it

  • Wildboy Rivers
    Wildboy Rivers

    Bro I stg this of my new favorite

  • boyscoutsam

    prada you kels

  • nutellaboy1

    Can you count how many times you replayed this video after you watched it for the first time? 😅😂

  • Akanksha Raturi
    Akanksha Raturi

    I am hooked on this song. I listen to it everyday. Help!

  • Mike Zienkiewicz
    Mike Zienkiewicz

    Stick to what your good at bro. This song sounded like some rejected greenday song. Please go back to rap.

  • Tol Vill
    Tol Vill

    Wonder who he's gonna try and roast in this genre this time. 😑😑

  • nutellaboy1

    Do you agree with me that after watching this, you feel them Blink-182, American pie, all other 2000's college videos, vibes kicking in? 😢 Even if you did not go to college yet or during that time, maybe some of you did, but still you get that nostalgia feeling right away !?

  • TheGoldwingz

    Song of 2020!! 🎶 ❤ 👇👇

  • Sleepless

    Hilarious how people are saying MGKs career got ruined by eminem😂 Here he is making a musicvideo with Megan Fox and doing only better and better🔥

  • Ismail Choudhury
    Ismail Choudhury

    MGK found his genre... lol

  • Марина Маринина
    Марина Маринина

    Just can't stop watching them being so happy

  • Yunisov

    How he is alive after Eminem's diss

  • Lizmary nadal
    Lizmary nadal

    I forgot he likes feet

  • hhhuilen

    could you two do a scary movie??

  • Eduno Eduno
    Eduno Eduno

    megan fox: i don't want to always be cast as a sex symbol also megan fox: me: fap. (i only made it through 1 fap.)

  • Mohammed Al Shekhqader
    Mohammed Al Shekhqader

    Eminem made him switch genre 😂😂

  • Basti Zmi
    Basti Zmi

    please more like this ♥

  • Millennial Mama
    Millennial Mama

    everyone "MGK new trap song woo" MGK: Reverse UNO !

  • Sotterson

    Didn’t some dictator give her Herpes?

  • Pearlie Grace
    Pearlie Grace

    but for real tho if they are a couple the babies that they will make will be INSANEEE

  • Dean Humphreys
    Dean Humphreys

    so I guess Im not usually into rap or alternative much these days. I had no idea machine gun kelley was a rapper for one. lol. I really didnt know anything about him. I usually listen to metal but back in my younger days I listened to some alternative rock in the late 90's early 2000's when it was all the rage. this song though is pretty damn good and very catchy. Ive listened to it a few times already. It reminds me of the American Pie movies lol.

  • Lynette H
    Lynette H


  • john's time
    john's time

    maybe he should doing this instead of rap

  • Lacaframalama

    Megan Fox still got it

  • Esme Lanea
    Esme Lanea

    fox is so iconic I love her

  • Brittney Shilson
    Brittney Shilson

    I actually really like this. Listened to MGK years ago, and I'm pleasantly surprised by this new way he's going with Travis Barker. Keep on man!

  • Spencz

    MGK is a good rapper but he’s a legend doing alternative / punk rock fuckin love it

  • Hollie Le lion
    Hollie Le lion

    Who else just came to see Megan Fox?

  • nutellaboy1

    Everyone (not listening to this song yet) : living a normal day Everyone one after watching this: Damn, I wish to have been in college back in the days when this kind of music was played on every party. Music and college parties where lit back in the 90's/2000. People who were young during that time are lucky!😭 Thank you MGK for bringing this song to us 🤘😎👌

  • Waj Nazir
    Waj Nazir

    I thought he was a rapper. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Movies & Songs Hd
    Movies & Songs Hd

    Mgk change raps to rock

  • Edgar Chavez
    Edgar Chavez

    She divorce n going with this guy

  • Cyph18

    Blink 182 vibes

  • Joshua Covey
    Joshua Covey

    I'm sure megan fox is the same chick from love the way you lie lol

  • Ryan Deen
    Ryan Deen

    EM had this guy change genres after Killshot huh...

  • Sushan Alva
    Sushan Alva

    MGK is such a talented artist he shouldn't have never made that diss track of EM .

  • Lorena Covaciu
    Lorena Covaciu

    o man, he was a raper, not a good one my I ad, than he had a battle with Eminem and lost big, now he does this punk rock stuff ...omg what is next heavy metal :))

  • Muhd Firdaus
    Muhd Firdaus

    dont rap . this suit you more

  • vizzy tikhir
    vizzy tikhir

    Oh omg thus songs dope at the same time bloody valintine mgk love from NAGALAND

  • Craig Lee
    Craig Lee

    I fuuuucking love this shit!!!!!

  • Adam Sanchez
    Adam Sanchez

    My mind is blown right now this dude went from rap to alternative??

  • Shahariar Shahed
    Shahariar Shahed

    Gosh I freakin' love Megan Fox

  • Shawn T.
    Shawn T.

    I know we aren’t supposed to high five right now but double 🙌

  • Charles Puruncajas
    Charles Puruncajas

    Megan Fox hasn't aged since mid 2000s. Are you sure she is not really Jennifer Check???

  • bishwa bandhu niraula
    bishwa bandhu niraula

    Killshot got him so retired, he changed his genre😂😂

  • XxXZombieoxideXxX

    The video is actually pretty dope too

  • Музыкальный

    Где русские!?

  • Austin Eaton
    Austin Eaton

    Breh!!!!! Kelly has went full Blink-182 on us this year

  • Nathaniel Jones
    Nathaniel Jones

    Im not saying the rap mgk was bad but i love this mgk a lot more

  • Collin Means
    Collin Means

    Amazing how Megan Fox can do jack shit for 10 years and still be picked for a huge hit music video lol

  • Mercado Parador
    Mercado Parador

    mgk before diss em - rap after pop / pop pink rock

  • muji1224

    Why this reminds me of Blink-182?

  • Josh Rowen
    Josh Rowen

    Any one else in my head?

  • NathanielHoobler Drums
    NathanielHoobler Drums

    I was not expecting this style

  • Elroy

    This is terrible. Bland, corporate rock

  • cicimc 06
    cicimc 06

    He went from dissing Eminem to 2005 Greenday