Mohamed Salah is 'happy at Liverpool'; less so with the Egyptian FA
A Champions League winner with Liverpool, a Premier League and international superstar and a hero to millions across the world, Salah's popularity continues to soar. So much so that this year he was one of six TIME 100 cover stars, the magazine's annual list of the world's most influential people.
"I'm happy at Liverpool," Salah told CNN's Becky Anderson in an exclusive interview. "I'm happy in the city -- I love the fans and they love me. I'm happy at the club."
And yet, for all the success, there is still one snag nagging him -- his relationship with the national football association of his beloved Egypt.
Such has been the tempestuous nature of the relationship that there had even been reports last year that Salah was ready to give up playing for his country following a series of rows with the Egyptian Football Association.
Though hugely critical of the EFA and its perceived failings, the 27-year-old Salah says the opportunity to inspire future generations to play for their country remains at the heart of his ambition.
"I love this country from my heart," Salah said of Egypt. "It's always in my mind. Something pushed me forward to perform, to be iconic for the kids, to be like a dream for the kids to one day be like me.
"I want to be that person, so to just retire from the national team is huge for me."
After winning the Champions League with Liverpool, Salah turned his attention to playing for the national team at the recent Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt.
According to Salah, what transpired at AFCON left him hugely frustrated at the politicking that is going on.
He accused the EFA of being in "competition" with him, hitting out at the lack of security afforded to players at the team hotel, while claiming grievances taken to the governing body were ignored.
Ahmed Shobair, the deputy head of the EFA, denied the accusations, insisting the players and the hotel was isolated from the public.
"These are the same accusations we heard from him (Salah) during the World Cup," Shobair told CNN.
"Compared to the alleged mistakes of the World Cup, the African Cup of Nations' training camp was extremely disciplined," he added.
Shobair and the rest of the EFA board members resigned in July in response to public anger for Egypt's performance in the African Cup.
"I think with the federation, it was a bit like a competition," Salah told CNN.
"Who's the winner? And for me, I will never be a winner because I'm a player. So, when I come to tell you something, you have to know that I'm telling you just because I want to be happy ... to get something for the national team, to do something more for the national team.
"It's not just that I'm telling you because I'm showing you that I'm powerful, I'm not powerful there. And believe me, if I'm powerful there, I could have changed a lot of things."
Egypt, which hosted the 2019 tournament, had been expected to challenge for the title but was shocked by South Africa in the last 16, leading to EFA President Hany Abo Rida resigning from his position and coach Javier Aguirre losing his job.
Salah, who has endured a frosty relationship with the EFA over the past few years -- largely stemming over an image rights dispute and his criticism of the team's league's preparations for the 2018 World Cup in Russia -- was particularly critical of the EFA's failure to protect players from the general public in the team hotel during the recent tournament
And, during the recent AFCON tournament in Egypt, Salah said the ease with which people gained access to the team's hotel was "not normal."
"When we had one day off, I couldn't go down from the room until 9:30 p.m.," Salah said of the recent experience at AFCON.
"When I tried to go down it was like 200 people with me. And they (EFA) say, 'Why are you complaining?'
"I complain because I'm a human being. I want to be with the players. I want to sit down and enjoy my life. We are a team, we love each other, as players we want to play something.
"So, when I'm trying to say something, I'm saying for me and behalf of the players, because the players sometime talk to me, 'Please, if you can do that.'
"But for them it's a competition."
This is not the first time Salah has been critical of the Egyptian FA.
Salah's row with the EFA over image rights was reignited last August after the national association used his image to promote the team's official sponsor WE at a time the player had a sponsorship deal with Vodafone.
The player also hit out at the association over its preparations for the World Cup in Russia, with his lawyer claiming that Salah had been woken between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. by autograph hunters knocking on his hotel door.
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    Mohamed Salah is 'happy at Liverpool'; less so with the Egyptian FA

  • Arkham knight
    Arkham knight

    If he's happy there,then leave him.

  • Rai Joel
    Rai Joel

    Egyptian FA says why are you complaining??? We bought those football fans (200) in hotel stair because they have paid us to get signatures of your so better sign and take selfi with those fans individually that’s it !!! Egyptian king 🤴was like what ??? Why EFA allows those fans in hotels where Mo is in rest time ??? VAR and EFA most be same VAR = EFA

  • Moamen Elsabea
    Moamen Elsabea

    This guy so humble

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    Kautondokwa Tevez

    Blessed sala....

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    Khupron Alyidrus

    Asalamualaikum Iam from indonesia Iam and family always watching play lipervool.. Lipervool is the best... Mo salah mo salah Iam moeslim

  • Cory Currie
    Cory Currie

    not a huge fan of salah but he kind hearted bloke nice as they come a true sportsman. i did enjoy watching him tear up arsenal.

  • ميدو العالمي
    ميدو العالمي

    صلاح عالمي

  • andre oiyd
    andre oiyd

    In Liverpool City fans would protect him from people who wouldn't respect his privacy. Salah wouldn't need bodyguard in Liverpool City the City of Liverpool is his bodyguards. 😎

  • LFC Spectre
    LFC Spectre

    I hope Liverpool win the league this season. This Liverpool side deserve it under Klopp after what happened last season 97 points 1 defeat and still didn't win it.

  • Angela O Connell
    Angela O Connell

    Mo Salah never leave YNWA❤️❤️

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    Akshay Sharma

    I hope people won't come here and talk'why didn't you pass it to Mane'

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    Kristjan Bergmann

    Love this guy, he should stay at liverpool as long as he can and get a statue. YNWA🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸

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    filsan adde

    Why the audio translation

  • EpicLedger LLC
    EpicLedger LLC

    Egypt would have been a prosperous and successful country if half of the population thinks and behaves like Salah.

    • The Golden Eagle
      The Golden Eagle

      the Arabs rulers are bad and corrupts, but Arabs peoples have a good mentality, but poverty leads some of them to bad behavior like terrorism and drugs and that's a big probleme

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    Ssenkomi Ssenkomi

    So your translating his interview in your accent why ? U mean people dint understand his accent 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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    أعظم لاعب عربي في التاريخ و بإذن الله اول لاعب عربي يفوز بالبالون دور و احتمال اخر واحد...

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      Hassan Mahmoud


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    Thabane Mhlongo

    That's the thing with everything African, corruption .

    • HIIIPOWER 000
      HIIIPOWER 000

      Thabane Mhlongo I’m from Egypt yes our continent is all corrupt but so everywhere in the world especially in poor countries we have a future brother the old generation is gonna go and we can bring out Africa’s true greatness we don’t need the west to tell us about corrupt fa fifa is full of corrupt

  • Kamaludin Yatim
    Kamaludin Yatim

    Egypt still need Mo Salah.

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    Cam Cooper

    The questions was poor

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    Salam Falasteen

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    Jama Mohamed

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    Ahmed Alattar

    Big actor.

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    N a w w a r

    Mo Salah doesn’t want to admit that he lost the cup because he was a bad player with national team and was one of the worst players in the African cup fuck u Mo

  • inspiring x
    inspiring x

    Love u Salah........from India🇮🇳


    The Egyptian Football Association is a mess like their failed political system , from Salah's arab fan

    • Moamen Elsabea
      Moamen Elsabea

      First of all u r an ignorant person I see from ur trivial words . Am Egyptian and love my country and so proud of it and my leadership who kept Egypt is the strongest country in middle East and Africa Even if u deny it or accept it it's true and it doesn't matter be brave enough and talk about ur country and don't intervene in non of ur business issue's

    • HIIIPOWER 000
      HIIIPOWER 000

      THE BOSS so is every countries fa uefa is the most corrupt fifa even more it’s not Egypt and the rest of Africa why don’t they ask Messi about his problems with argtina fa

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    Anas Hazem

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    Adam Fullhan

    Funny how this video switched from MO salah talking about problems in Egyptian football, to fucking GAYS. FUCK GAYS HOW ABOUT THAT. you westernized morons are sickos, and kadyrov turned out to be right at the end. Purify your blood chechens 👍. Send them ALL to canada

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    Omar Mahmoud

    السيسي ارهابى وقاتل. Sisi killer

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      Remon Lensns

      السيسي جننكم في كل حتة بتتكلموا علية...معتز مطر بيقولك اطمن انت مش لوحدك انا في عز في تركيا

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      Remon Lensns

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    Safa kadhim

    Best in the league

  • Mohamed Bayoumy
    Mohamed Bayoumy

    Salah is telling the truth about the reality in Egypt, and that will not pass easily by the Egyptian military regime and El Sisi and his notorious media

    • And roid
      And roid

      @Remon Lensns I have never read so much nonsense. It just typical Egyptian media style to point out negative things in other countries just because they don't Wanna deal with their own shit

    • Remon Lensns
      Remon Lensns

      ياعم اتنيلوا بقي مفيش حاجة اسمها ديمقراطية اصلا دي كلمة بيدخل بيها الغرب في شئوونا زي حقوق الانسان الي ضيفين فيها حقوق الشواذ وحقوق المرأة لحد مابقت المرأة الشرقية منحلة فرنسا كان بيضربوا المتظاهرين وفقعوا عين واحد...هي دي الديمقراطية الي بينادوا بيها في بلادنا يامغيب انت والي زيك؟ علي النعمة ماهترجعولها تاني يا اخواو بتيجوا عند الاستعماريين وتفضحوا بلدكم

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      omar waheed

      @Mohamed هو معنى ان هو لعيب كورة انه ميتكلمش في اي حاجة و ميقولش رائيه في اي حاجة ؟! انت مش بتشوف كل مشاهير العالم مش بس المشاهير لا كل الناس في العالم بتدعم اتجاهات معينة او بتقول رائيها في حاجة معينة دي براحتهم ..... مش معنى انك محاسب انك متقولش رائيك في اي حاجة و متكلمش عن اي قضية و متفتحش بوقك و متعملش حاجة غير في المحاسبة ... كل واحد عنده آراءه اللي من حقه يعبر عنها براحته و يدعمها ... انت مختلف معاه في رائي معين براحتك جداً من حقك انك تختلف بس مش من حقك انك تمنع اي حد انه يقول رائيه ... و بعدين هو مش اول واحد يتكلم في قضية معينة . كل الناس بتكلم و كل المشاهير بيتكلموا و ده من حقهم .... بس ده ملوش اي علاقة بالنقطة اللي اتكلمت فيها فوق و هي اننا منحكمش على حد و نعلقلوا المشنقة عشان اي حاجة بيعملها

    • Mohamed

      @omar waheed سعادتك الكلام ده تقوله لصلاح نفسه وتفكره انه هو لاعيب كورة وبس كدا...لاعيب الكورة ماله ومال حقوق المرأة في بلد اصلا مفهاش حقوق للرجالة؟ ورايح يشتكي للغرب ليه؟ على اساس ان الغرب هم اكثر ناس بيحترموا المرأة؟ ده حالات الاغتصاب والتحرش وقتل النساء اكثر في اوروبا وامريكا من اي بلد عربي

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      Hot Shots

      إنت بضان

    • omar waheed
      omar waheed

      يعم الراجل ده لاعيب كورة ... بس كداااا... الناس حاطتته في خانة الإله اللي مش بيغلط و الشخص المقدس اللي المفروض كلنا نعمل زييه مش مشكلته بقى دي مشكلتك انت انك حاططله مكانة اكبر من كدا... هو راحل لاعيب كورة عايز تنتقده انتقده براحتك بس في الملعب مش تيجي تقول لابس بنطلون مقطع ... انت مالك انت ميلبس اللي يلبسه هو الراجل قال يا جماعة انا يمثل الاسلام و العرب ؟! مقلش كدا يبقى كفاية نحكم على الناس و نحط نفسنا جمب ربنا و نقول ده صح و ده غلط شوف نفسك انت و راجع نفسك هتلاقي عندك غلطات كتيرة اكبر من مجرد بنطلون ... كلنا فينا عيوب ... نركز فيها بقى و نصلحها ؟! لا طبعا لازم نركز مع غيرنا و نطلع فيه عيوب و مشاكل في اي حاجة و نقول لابس كذا و عمل كذا و شرب كذا و ننسى اصلا انه مجرد لاعب كورة عشان احنا مجتمع بيحب يحكم على الناس و خلاص... لو انت شايفه المفروض يلبس على مزاجك صدقني يبقى المشكلة عندك

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      Ahmed Bakr

      @Adam hhh جهل جهل جهل

  • Abdulo Nurov
    Abdulo Nurov

    MO.salah Class.klass.

  • FeralTuber

    Leave the Egyptian team.

  • Ahmed Gamal
    Ahmed Gamal

    ياعم دارى الركبة

  • Electricity 220
    Electricity 220

    بحبك يا محمد صلاح أبو مكه انت انسان جميل

  • Mo

    Salah if I was you I would remove myself from media and only focus on football and winning the PL this year! You are putting yourself in so much sh...t and you do not need this! Stop having these nonsense interviews!

  • C Mod
    C Mod


  • And roid
    And roid

    what's with the weird Siri voice in the middle, summing up an interview after 4 minutes, telling everything we already heard ..just in a weird voice

    • haierthanhai

      so they could stretch stolen content to 10 minutes...

  • Amado Harbov
    Amado Harbov

    ماني مش مركز غير في الكورة بس لكن صلاح مركز في المقابلات و الاعلانات و مهاترات مع اتحاد الكورة و لاعيبة المنتخب و حاجات ادارية هو مالوش علاقة بيها عشان كده ماني مستواه بقه احسن من صلاح بكتيير و هياخد احسن لاعب في افريقيا السنه دي و يمكن ياخد احسن لاعب في العالم كمان في صمت خليك مركز بقي في كلام فاضي و ده واضح عليك بقيت بتشوط الكورة بقوة لكن بدون اتقان و ده خلي احساسك التهديفي يقل لكن ماني مركز في الكورة اكتر منك بكتير

    • And roid
      And roid

      kalem Fady? He is an idol and should use his fame to inspire people and help them improve, his words has more impact on society than his football career .... but who I am talking to, unfortunately most people in Egypt don't understand such matters...

  • Karla Essam
    Karla Essam

    This man just deserves all the best👍💯

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    مصطفي عبده

    محمد صلاح لاعب ولا في خيال انهوا حديث اليوم انت رائع مو صلاح

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    خليل حسن

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    ساديو ماني احرجك للأسف، لاعيب اوي عليك بصراحة وانت شاغل نفسك بحوارات ومهاترات وحقوق مرأة مش لما يكون عندنا حقوق رجل ألأول! يا صلاح متخليش جماعة محرز دكة يشمتوا فينا بقا وشد حيلك في الماتشات الجاية وخصوصا الماتشات الكبيرة يا عم

    • Skywalker


    • mohamed ahmed
      mohamed ahmed

      احرجه ايه يعم !!!؟ 2018 كان صلاح افضل بكتير و 2019 ارقامهم متساوية في ليفربول عاجي لما ماني يكون افضل منه لفترة عادي هو ماني احرف لاكن ده مش معناه انه افضل في كل حاجة يعني ميسي احرف من رونالدو بكتير جدا لاكن انت ممكن تكون شايف ان رونالدو افضل عادي

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    Mohamed Saeed

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      ربنا يشفيك يا خويا... لما تبقى ربعه ابقى تعالى اتكلم يا ابو منتالتي كنافه

    • Ryu Nakazawa
      Ryu Nakazawa


  • Mahmoud Elnagar
    Mahmoud Elnagar

    بنطلون شاحتة منين

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      Bo Oa

      شوف المذيعة لابسة ايه ناس بسطاء عينهم مش فارغة

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    Netflix Faiza

    Mo Salah you are the best 💓💓💓

  • Amr Yehia
    Amr Yehia

    الله أكبر عليك يا ابو مكه. ربنا يكفيك شر العين

  • Ahmed Morsy
    Ahmed Morsy

    See how they praise him and show his victory and how the idiots of Egyptian media humiliate him.!

    • karim

      @ahmed El Khwaga ahmed El kawal

    • And roid
      And roid

      @ahmed El Khwaga wow what a great answer...

    • And roid
      And roid

      @Menna Yossry if you really wish the best for your country, you should be honest and help get rid of this corrupt media, instead you are just spending time and effort to silence people. what a pity

    • And roid
      And roid

      @Menna Yossry sorry I cannot type arabic, I can just read it. Moreover, I like to write in English so more people can get involved in the discussion. You really sound like the people from the Egyptian media. You really think Salah is the first one addressing problems in Egypt in western media? People in the west read all the reports of Egypt, which provide a detailed description of the corruption and the violation of human rights. And please stop with this disgusting comparison about terrorism. I have never saw western media tell people to chill after a terror attack just because people are killed at other places.

    • Ziad Kotry
      Ziad Kotry

      Menna Gaming منا عارف ف مش لاعيب كورة هو الي يسوء سمعة بلد بحالها و هو فعلاً معاه حق احنا معندناش نظام بس هنعمل ايه الحقيقة بتزعل 🤷‍♂️

  • Mohamed Gad
    Mohamed Gad

    Fu mo salah

  • Mohammad mostafa
    Mohammad mostafa