[MPD직캠] 시크릿넘버 직캠 4K ‘Who Dis?’ (SECRET NUMBER FanCam) | @MCOUNTDOWN_2020.5.21
[MPD직캠] 시크릿넘버 - 후 디스?
[MPD FanCam] SECRET NUMBER - Who Dis? | @MCOUNTDOWN_2020.5.21
#MPD직캠 #MPDFanCam
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  • mentari napitupulu
    mentari napitupulu

    Semuaa kereen bangeet 👍👍👍👍👍 Bravooo 👏👏👏👏👏💞💝💘

  • multifandom facts
    multifandom facts

    Why no pne talking about jinny she incredibly amazing!

  • Aninda Ayu Millenia Putri
    Aninda Ayu Millenia Putri


  • lalisa xv
    lalisa xv

    now I just need to wait till everyone realizes how amazing they are

  • Asrul Fahmi
    Asrul Fahmi


  • Kristiani Widya Karo
    Kristiani Widya Karo

    Hey, SN fans. Don't forget to vote their song on: 1. MMave (Mnet K-POP applications' pre-voting) 2. StarPlay (SBS K-POP applications' pre-voting) 3. Idol Champ (MBC K-POP applications' pre-voting) So their song can enter the chart. Thank you abundantly.

  • Premium Antu
    Premium Antu

    The song is so addicted to me!Who else is addicted?

  • nabila siva1902
    nabila siva1902

    What jypentartaiment looking this 😮😮😮😦😦😦

  • addicted with exo
    addicted with exo

    Jinny radiates YG vibes

  • latifah nuramadhani
    latifah nuramadhani

    그들의 외관은 매우 시원합니다

  • Multi Fandom
    Multi Fandom

    Why We haven’t the individual fancams ;-;

  • Muhammad Shafiki23
    Muhammad Shafiki23

    Blackpink have lisa Secret number have dita

  • RB2K19

    These girls are going to conquer the world, I'm calling it now - they're gonna be the female BTS, starting small going on to dominate on the world stage

  • Olivia Stuck
    Olivia Stuck


  • Ashar Samad
    Ashar Samad

    Love you secret number

  • Nisaul Karimah
    Nisaul Karimah

    Fidio hot

    • Nisaul Karimah
      Nisaul Karimah

      Fidio hot

  • Mylittleone

    Will they have relay dance video soon? Looking forward to it

  • Saldi yousup
    Saldi yousup

    Stop..I can't control myself...it moves according to the music😌

  • Sergei Maksimov
    Sergei Maksimov


  • Jisooya 5
    Jisooya 5


  • Novita Ns
    Novita Ns


  • milkey way
    milkey way


  • 슈화선생님

    Even tho there's nothing new about this choreo I like it

  • Mualif Ismail
    Mualif Ismail

    Dita 😍

  • Ahmad Dani
    Ahmad Dani

    Dita Indonesia 🇲🇨🇲🇨

  • el8 jack
    el8 jack

    Please i really like Holiday song....please make music video "Holiday"

  • zema karuniasari
    zema karuniasari

    I think Koreografi its not good Because ave a Dita from Indonesia so MV and other video its Viral

  • Sharon Jane
    Sharon Jane

    where are their individual fancams????

  • Aurora's Games
    Aurora's Games

    NCT DAILY watch this too Wait.. Okay..

  • Tiara Fitri Syahira
    Tiara Fitri Syahira

    Fighting Secret Number🌻❣️


    #46TrendingIndonesia Banyak yang trending anjir 😂 Mencoba menghitung chanel kpop yg trending di Indonesia 🤣

  • Marin Liana
    Marin Liana


  • Kartika Sari S
    Kartika Sari S

    dita looks like hani n her voice sound like yuqi. really love this group. cant wait!!!!

  • Rizky Amelia Adijunior
    Rizky Amelia Adijunior

    This is not debut stage, feels like a comeback stage :)

  • Hà Amy
    Hà Amy

    why does debut groups' rapper always have blond hair?


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  • no. no.
    no. no.

    I can't take my eyes off Denise, Jinny and Dita. They're charisma is no joke 😍

  • indahdwi yuliyanti
    indahdwi yuliyanti

    Hopefully there is no favoritism in the secreat number, unlike in blackpink, jennie kim is the golden girl

  • Japan Forever
    Japan Forever

    Denise's voice so powerful

  • aji setiawan
    aji setiawan

    BlackPink ttep no satu dihati aing. 😛😎😎

  • Gene Abanilla
    Gene Abanilla

    I was distracted by those legs 😅

  • 태일김

    Where solo cam

  • tatakrama

    Indonesia waiting concert dita and other team secret number..

  • Nazril Utama
    Nazril Utama

    *Overproud Indonesian where you at?* so disgusting

  • rezky iramadhany21
    rezky iramadhany21

    dita karang !! fighting??💙😍😍

  • Dara Trisha Amalia
    Dara Trisha Amalia

    Wow trending

  • Gagal Ginjal Gaming
    Gagal Ginjal Gaming

    the girl with purple pants looks so old and thin lol

  • Yati Haryati22
    Yati Haryati22

    Ditaaaaaa so pretty ... so cute ... best perform

  • Melody Kim
    Melody Kim


  • Tsalisa sharani
    Tsalisa sharani


  • Anjani Nadia Putri
    Anjani Nadia Putri

    the song is really really good and I really like this girl group!!😍❤️ Fighting Secret Number!!❤️🙌🏻🔥

  • tmcrz

    We demand an individual fancam please mnet!

  • Fitri Ksy
    Fitri Ksy


  • Hisuki Hye
    Hisuki Hye

    Stan *SECRET NUMBER* For hidden lucks!

  • Mahesa Nugraha
    Mahesa Nugraha

    Vitamin apa yang dibutuhkan saat pandemi? Dita-min. Badum tsss.

  • Marta Lorenzini
    Marta Lorenzini

    I feel sorry for Dita because her skirt is soooo tight on her stomach😔 probably cuts her breath too Also love the confidence and the healthy thighs

  • Itxaso Fernández
    Itxaso Fernández

    Please look more for Lea

  • Wa Ode Febriani
    Wa Ode Febriani

    Setelah sahur langsung streaming dong

  • jihan alifa
    jihan alifa


  • carrots nyeac
    carrots nyeac

    wow they looks reaaaally gorgeus! im in love 😽

  • alreza 97
    alreza 97


  • Fina Maisa
    Fina Maisa

    Dita so cute

  • Den덴

    Wish u guys all the best!

  • dhini mayfiana putri
    dhini mayfiana putri

    My bias list is : 1. Dita, Lea, Soodam, Jinny, Denise :)

  • sadakoboyz

    Guys, this might be a little bit long but please let's Vine Ent. know and realize that the girls doesnt need to do more diet to fit in Korean idol "ideal" body type (that skinny and pale looks). These young and talented girls already have a perfect body to be an idol. They look healthy and happy. No need to lose another weight! They are already beautiful! We all know that K-Netz are obsessed with this skinny idol body, but as a true lover of Secret Number, we can be always being supportive to them. Give them courages and supports that they are already a perfection! We can slay that mean comment about their body. We should promote that healthy body is above everything to be an idol. Just remember how many idol suffered because of those mean comment about their body? We dont want our girls to feel the same. We just want our girls to be happy and healthy! We dont want a skinny and pale idol! We want a healthy and happy Secret Number! Please spread this message to support our girls! Love you! Love Secret Number!

  • elisha

    their outfits in here i think the best among all their performances on stage

  • phoebe xx
    phoebe xx

    I love Denise 🔥

  • phoebe xx
    phoebe xx

    I think soodam is female version of soobin :')

  • Laurenelily 29
    Laurenelily 29

    Stan Secret Number yall. Period. Editing this just to say that they genuinely feel happy on stage, you can see it on their faces. Lets all support them everyone!!


    Who this?

  • iqbal Ismail
    iqbal Ismail

    Kudis?? Hahaha

  • 만만만

    멤버 밸런스도 좋고 노래도 데뷔곡인데 좋고 이제 그룹특성을 조금더 잡아보자 너무 좋다!♥!

  • Элина Габеева
    Элина Габеева


  • Addya Hubby
    Addya Hubby


  • Giải Trí Kiến Thức Tổng Hợp
    Giải Trí Kiến Thức Tổng Hợp


  • x x
    x x

    *INDONESIAN FANS!* you can support secret number by pre-ordering or *buying their physical album* Although trending and having a lot of views is great, album sales is what will help the girls the most. It can even give the *MUSIC SHOW WIN* Also, vine ent is a small company and they need money to support the girls and plan for their comeback. Stream also their song on spotify or better yet on korean streaming sites like melon, genie etc The goal is to have at least 1k album sales and we have already 500+ sales!! We can give the girls more. For Dita, Jinny, Dennise, Soodam and Lea! Fighting! how? search @/5ecretnumber on twitter for instructions. You can also request vine ent to let secret number have a vlive account so that there’s more interaction

    • Ikiru Anzen
      Ikiru Anzen

      I think it is good if we have a fanbase so someone can manage kind of donation to collect money from the fans to buying their albums like chinese fan do. If we can't do in this debut, hope in the next comeback we can prepare to do it. CMIIW.

  • Nimas Saphira
    Nimas Saphira

    my bias in here is dita...because she really energitic

  • dio tabah
    dio tabah


  • ohmytaemki 1.o.1
    ohmytaemki 1.o.1

    Dita looks like Yves Loona She has beautiful eyes

  • ohmytaemki 1.o.1
    ohmytaemki 1.o.1

    Dita looks like yves loona . She has beautiful eyes 🤩